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1. Instructions

Last date for submission of entries - 1st March, 2016


  • Please refer to the Rules & Regulations on the website before filling this form.

  • A separate entry form is required for each individual entry; please fill the form in English.

  • Payments to be sent directly to FICCI.

  • A unique ‘Entry number’ along with the UPLOAD link will be automatically generated once you submit the form. You are requested to use the UPLOAD link to upload your entry to our Dropbox account.

  • Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields.

  • Please rename the entry file as “entry number_ entry name” before uploading. For e.g. if the entry is titled “The ice cube story” and the generated entry number is “3223” then the filename should be “3223_ The ice cube story”.

  • Keep all the necessary files and supporting documents necessary for the entry ready, before you upload

  • Do ensure that you upload the film/clip/game along with the support documents/clip (as relevant to the chosen category)



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