Media Entertainment & Business Conclave (MEBC) 29-30 October, 2013, Bangalore
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Key Sessions


Formulating & Implementing a viable Media & Entertainment policy for a State

The panel comprising of State Govt representatives and industry stake holders will discuss various scopes to develop infrastructure, local skills , technology and explore possibilities on how to develop the Media & entertainment eco system for a State .

Emerging Technologies and the impact on Indian Cinema?

The Indian film industry enters its next phase of production and distribution where digital technologies are taking very important roles. In this session we bring in experts from the field of creative industry and technology to understand what the future lies for Indian cinema.

The Broadcasting Ecosystem in the Digital Era

What are the experts thinking after the implementation of Digitization  of Cable TV in India . In the era of convergence with integrated Apps , Broadband, wireless , VOD , pay TV and Multiplatform distribution how will the ecosystem look like . Lets discuss.
4. Session on Visual Effects

Emerging Trends of Indian IP in Animation & its exploitation


The War for News : Defining No. 1 in The Dizzying Newscape

Are there any winners in the plethora of news be it TV or Print, despite the TAM, NRS/IRS figures? Is it all the same content packaged in different formats which finally just confuses the viewer? What are our news media’s aiming for - Ratings or Pure  Journalism? Can we learn anything from the international newsgathering model in content and standards?


Reshaping Mobile entertainment in the era of Digital Revolution

A session on display of the upcoming latest Apps in Mobile Entertainment , the transformation from 3G to 4G redefining mobile entertainment

Changing Trends in Regional TV: Ratings, Content, Formats

Regional TV programming are constantly evolving in terms of contents and formats keeping in mind the audience tastes and the cut throat competition with national televisions channels. In this session let's listen to the stalwarts giving their perspectives from GEC to news following a peek into the state of the much-debated ratings systems.

Session on Performing Arts :

A status report on the often neglected but intrinsic  part of entertainment Literature & Performing Arts.

Marketing & Distribution of films in Multiplatform Ecosystem


Scriptwriting workshop by Kamlesh Pandey

'Why Do We Need Stories?

'Why do some well-meaning, well-made, much-hyped films from well-known directors fail to connect with the audience? Are stories only meant to entertain or amuse us? Or do they have a deeper, more integral role to play in our survival as a human race? Why is there so much hunger for stories, specially stories well told? Yes, why do we need stories?'

12. The Emerging Gaming Industry in southern India

Making movie through Crowd funding – The case study of Lucia

A case study on the Kannada Film Lucia will be conducted by Film Director Pawan Kumar. Lucia is the first crowd funded film in India. The case study will emphasise on how best new script and ideas can receive funds through social networking sites without depending on producers for fund.





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