Media Entertainment & Business Conclave (MEBC) October 16-17, 2012, Chennai
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1. Digital Filmmaking workshop with RED

In 2006, RED Digital Cinema began a revolution with the 4K RED ONE digital cinema camera.  By 2008, the camera that changed cinema also began to change the world of stills.  The same camera being used to shoot features like "The Hobbit", "The Amazing Spiderman", and "Prometheus" was being used to shoot covers for magazines such as "Vogue" and "Harper's Bazaar".  Additionally, the 5K EPIC and SCARLET cameras are built around a modular foundation that gives the flexibility of full customization for each shoot.  To show their commitment to the vast cinema industry in India, RED recently opened a sales and support facility in Mumbai.  The RED workshop at FICCI focuses on removing the myth of complexity from acquisition to post when shooting with RED through hands-on demos. For more information, visit WWW.RED.COM

2. 2 day scriptwriting workshop for screenwriting and filmmaking enthusiasts to take the appropriate directions in their aspirations to join India’s massive film fraternity. The workshop will involve some practical insights into complex process which takes place between the time that the idea is conceived and the final film gets projected on screen.

Industry experts

1.       Dr. Kamal Haasan , Chairman, FICCI MEBC
2.       Sri Singeetam Srinivasa Rao, Film Maker , Sreenwriter
3.       Rohan Sippy, Film Maker
4.       Saurabh Shukla, Film maker, Actor, Screenwriter

3. The Story of Sound

The story of advancement in audio technology. Listen to the Dolby cinema experts, as how they take you through the “Story of Sound’ and the evolution of cinema sound from different sound formats to the new ground breaking Dolby Atmos.

VFX session on making of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Master class on post production of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by Nicolas Aithadi , Renowned VFX Supervisor from Hollywood

Making of Enthiran – The Robot By Srinivas Mohan, Renowned VFX Supervisor

This workshop, apart from taking us through the journey of the making of the complex graphics and special effects of Enthiran, will also cover the basics of  Computer Graphics(CG) and 3D Stereoscopic vision(S3D) along with the history and concepts of 3D stereoscopy and usage areas and how CG is used in industries like Print, Education, Electronic Media (Film, TV, Mobile) etc.


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